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Blue Star Air Handling Unit (AHU)


  • Both Eurovent and Non-Eurovent series are available in 41 different models with air flow rate ranging from 1000CFM to 76,000CFM
  • Blue Star EDSA series AHUs are Eurovent Certified according to EN 1886 and EN 13053
  • EN 1886 – Mechanical Characteristics
  • Casing Strength: Class D1–
  • Casing Air Leakage: Class L1
  • Thermal Transmittance: Class T3
  • Thermal Bridging Factor: TB2
  • Filter Bypass Leakage: F9
  • EN 13053 – Rating and Performance Characteristics
  • AHUs are designed to meet the indoor air quality requirement as per ASHRAE 62
  • Coil Performance as per EN 1216
  • Heat Exchangers are tested as per EN 308
  • Particulate Air Filters are as per EN 779
  • HEPA Filters as per EN 1822
  • AHUs are supplied with AMCA Certified Fans
  • Thermal Break Profile
  • Units are available with different configurations and variety of components – extensive range of filters, fans, heat exchangers and heat recovery options
  • Possible to ship in fully assembled, modules and CKD

Blue Star AHUs are engineered and manufactured with innovative technology to deliver an energy efficient air handler with optimum design, superior quality and reliable performance.

Blue Star supplies both Eurovent Certified and Non-Eurovent Certified AHUs.


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