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Carrier X Power VX Series VRF

Carrier X Power VX Series VRF is a variable refrigerant flow system designed for efficient cooling and heating in commercial buildings. It offers superior energy efficiency and flexible zoning capabilities.

The Carrier X Power VX Series VRF is a powerful and efficient air conditioning system designed to provide superior comfort and energy savings. This system is ideal for commercial and residential applications, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for cooling and heating needs. The VX Series VRF features a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system that allows for individual temperature control in each zone, allowing for maximum comfort and energy savings. The system is designed to be easy to install and maintain, with a simple user interface and intuitive controls. The system also features advanced diagnostics and monitoring capabilities, allowing for quick and easy troubleshooting. The VX Series VRF is designed to be energy efficient, with an Energy Star rating of up to 20 SEER. The system is also designed to be quiet, with a noise level of only 19 dB(A). The Carrier X Power VX Series VRF is the perfect solution for any commercial or residential application, providing superior comfort and energy savings.

  • High full load and Part load efficiency: up to 4.75 full load efficiency
  • Wide Ambient operation range: -5 to 54OC (Cooling), -25 to 24OC (Heating)
  • Night Silent Mode Operation: Reduce Noise Level when required
  • Large System: Single ODU up to 34 HP which can be combine further for getting system capacity of 102HP
  • Wide Range of Indoor Units: up to 64 Indoor Units in a single system
  • Large Piping Length: up to 1000m piping length is allowed in a single system
  • Refrigerant Cooled PCB for more reliable operation
  • High Efficiency Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) Compressor
  • Real-time Refrigerant Amount Monitoring
  • Multi-mode operation selection availability
  • Automatic refrigerant charge option
  • Energy Saving – Output Limitation Control: Giving flexibility of system operation for projects with temporary electricity supply restrictions, VX can be set to output 40-100% capacity.


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