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Indirect evaporative coolers are a type of air conditioning system that uses the natural process of evaporation to cool air. This type of cooling system is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, as it uses less energy and produces fewer emissions.The system works by drawing in hot, dry air from outside and passing it through a wetted media, such as a pad or a filter. As the air passes through the wetted media, the water evaporates, cooling the air.The cooled air is then circulated throughout the building, providing a comfortable environment. Indirect evaporative coolers are ideal for areas with hot, dry climates, as they are able to cool the air without the need for additional energy.They are also quieter than traditional air conditioning systems, making them a great choice for residential and commercial applications.A single stage Indirect Evaporative Coolers use the advantages of cooling using water evaporation without increasing humidity in the supply air. This is done through our special DRI COOL module.A 2-stage evaporative cooling system is an advanced cooling system that utilizes indirect evaporative cooling modules followed by a direct cooling section. The overall result is lower dry bulb temperature as compared to a direct only evaporative coolers.A third stage can be added as a cooling coil which is turned on when the second direct evaporative cooling section is off. This is based on the ambient conditions.These units are also offered in very large air volumes and with all sensors, controls and electrical packaged on board the unit.


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Stay cool and comfortable in any industry or environment with Vipul Ac – the efficient and cost-effective cooling solution for large industrial facilities, commercial spaces, manufacturing plants, stadium seating areas, distribution Centers of FMCGs, and Warehouses. Improve employee productivity, enhance customer experiences, and maintain consistent temperatures with Indirect Evaporative Coolers, the innovative alternative to traditional air conditioning.

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