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Mitsubishi 4-Way Airflow Cassette

This Mitsubishi 4-Way Airflow Cassette provides powerful air conditioning with four-way airflow for maximum comfort. It is designed to fit into any ceiling space, making it a great choice for any home.

The Mitsubishi 4-Way Airflow Cassette is a powerful and efficient air conditioning system that is designed to provide superior cooling and heating performance. This system features four-way airflow, which allows for maximum air circulation throughout the room. The unit is equipped with a powerful fan that can be adjusted to provide the desired level of air flow.

The unit also features a built-in filter that helps to reduce dust and other airborne particles. The unit is designed to be easy to install and maintain, and it is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. The Mitsubishi 4-Way Airflow Cassette is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient air conditioning system.

It is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, and it is sure to provide years of reliable performance.

Technical Specifications

Power source1-phase 220/230/240V 50Hz, 220-230V 60Hz
Cooling capacitykW*
Power InputkW0.
Current InputA0.320.320.320.360.500.671.06
Heating capacitykW*
Power InputkW0.
Current InputA0.
External Finish
(Munsell No.)
UnitGalvanized steel sheet
PanelMUNSELL (1.0Y 9.2/0.2)
Panel ModelPLP-6EAR
External Dimension
H x W x D
Unitmm258 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840
Panelmm40 x 950 x 950
Net WeightUnitkg192124
Heat exchangerMicro slit fin (Aluminumfin and copper tube)
FanType x QuantityTurbo fan x 1
Airflow rate (Low-Mid2-Mid1-High)m3 /min13-14-16-1713-14-16-1813-14-16-1915-16-17-1915-18-20-2320-23-26-2924-26-30-35
External static pressurePa0
MotorTypeDC motor
Air filterPP Honeycomb
Refrigerant control deviceLEV
pipe diammeter
Gasmm(in)ø12.7 (ø1/2) Flareø15.88 (ø5/8) Flare
Liquidmm(in)ø6.35 (ø1/4) Flareø9.52 (ø3/8) Flare
Field drain pipe diametermm(in)O.D. 32(1-1/4)
Sound pressure level
  • *1. Nominal cooling conditions Indoor: 27°CD.B./19°CW.B. (81°FD.B./66°FW.B.), Outdoor: 35°CD.B. (95°FD.B.) Pipe length: 7.5 m (24-9/16 ft.), Level difference: 0 m (0 ft.)
  • *2. Nominal heating conditions Indoor: 20°CD.B. (68°FD.B.), Outdoor: 7°CD.B./6°CW.B. (45°FD.B./43°FW.B.) Pipe length: 7.5 m (24-9/16 ft.), Level difference: 0 m (0 ft.)


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