Carrier split air conditioners are exceptional because of their cutting-edge technology and architecture. They are superior to other split air conditioners on the Indian market for a reason. Carrier 1-ton and 1.5-ton split air conditioners come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone's preferences and needs. Energy-efficient versions, such as those with a 3-star rating or above, can ensure that no electricity is wasted.

Carrier is a well-known name in the commercial air conditioning industry. It partnered with Chinese air conditioning maker Midea in 2012 to expand its presence in the Indian residential industry. Midea's design and manufacturing experience in residential air conditioning was combined with Carrier's large PAN-India distribution network in this joint venture. CMI (Carrier Midea India) became a major player in the Indian residential air conditioning market as a result of the synergy. Despite the joint venture, all businesses maintain their separate identities. Carrier caters to the upper crust, while Midea caters to the common folk.

CMI sells a wide range of air conditioning styles to meet the demands of a wide range of buyers. They have cassette and VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems as well as ducted air conditioners for commercial customers, while they have windows and split air conditioners for residential customers. They have a factory in Bawal, Haryana, that is one of India's largest air conditioning manufacturing plants, with a capacity of over 7 lakh air conditioners per year and plans to increase to 1 million in the coming years.

Carrier is a well-known global air conditioning brand, but its residential marketing strategy is relatively limited. As previously said, Carrier and Midea served as CMI in India, with Carrier ACs catering to the wealthy and Midea catering to the masses. CMI air conditioners provide strong ventilation and a 4-way swing to provide effective cooling in the room. Particulate matter and other volatile compounds are protected by multiple-layered filters. The use of an inverter, copper condenser, and environmentally friendly refrigerant guarantees optimum quiet cooling with minimal environmental effect.

Key Carrier AC Technologies

• Smart cooling

Modern Carrier air conditioners have a Follow Me feature, which has a sensor built into the remote. When this function is turned on, the main room sensor in the indoor unit takes a back seat, allowing the advanced sensor in the remote to take center stage. The AC sets the ambient temperature based on the input obtained from this remote sensor. This sensor is capable of collecting temperature data from even the farthest corners of the room and transmitting it to the main device, ensuring that the room is kept at the optimal temperature.

• The detector of Refrigerant Leakage

The refrigerant inside the air conditioner will leak due to improper installation, a factory fault, or external damage. Freon and other poisonous refrigerants will shut off the flow of oxygen to the cells and lungs if inhaled deeply. The positive thing about CMI is that most of their models come with a vigilant early warning feature that senses leaks and switches off the air conditioner instantly. Simultaneously, the corresponding error code is shown on the monitor to alert users to the leak.

• To Remove Microscopic Impurities, Use a PM 2.5 and Anti-VOC Filter

Pollution has reached dangerous levels as a result of accelerated industrialization. PM 2.5 is a kind of particulate matter. It is made up of very small particles in the air with a diameter of two and a half microns (or even less). A micron is a microscopic measuring unit, with one inch equaling 25,000 microns.

Fine particles emitted from:

- Car

- Bus

- Truck

- Other off-road vehicles

- Minute material expelled from the exhausts

- Construction equipment

- Snowmobile

- Burning

- Wood

- Oil

- Grassfire

Since PM 2.5 can pass across the respiratory tract to enter the lungs, it can cause serious health problems. The following health problems may be caused by PM 2.5:

- Inflammation of the eyes and nose

- Irritation of the throat and lungs

- Sneezing and coughing

- Chronic bronchitis is becoming more common.

- Smooth lung activity is reduced.

New Carrier split air conditioners have a PM 2.5 clear filter that uses natural passive ventilation to protect indoor air quality from particulate matter's negative effects.

Similarly, modern Carrier window air conditioners come with a 4-in-1 air filter. The following is how these four layers work:

- Filter for cold catalysts: Pollen, dust, dust mites, and other allergens are removed.

- Filter for vitamin C: To get rid of free radicals that bind with and combine with natural antioxidants. This filter tends to reduce tension and soften the skin by filtering the air.

- Biological filter: To capture small spores, viruses, and fungi in the air.

- Filter made of nano platinum: To kill any lingering bacteria, nano-sized particles are used, and the air is then deodorized.

For the processing of volatile organic compounds, Midea versions have an anti-VOC filter (VOC). VOCs are chemical molecules with a high vapor pressure at room temperature that quickly transform into vapors or gases. VOCs are generated by the combustion of fuels such as oil, wood, coal, natural gas, and others. Paint, wax, and resin traces all contribute to the amount of VOC in the air. Many VOCs are dangerous because they react with nitrogen oxides to form ground-level ozone, or smog, which contributes to climate change. Certain VOCs are known to have negative effects on the liver, kidneys, and nervous system. Anti-VOC filters in Midea split ACs exclude harmful VOCs including formaldehyde from the air, ensuring that it is clean.

• Cleaning Notifier for Additional Filters in iCleanser

Filters are an integral part of air conditioners, and ignoring them will result in a significant reduction in cooling capability. In reality, studies show that if an air conditioner is used every day for six months without being cleaned or maintained, its cooling capability will drop by up to 50%. We sometimes fail to clean and repair our air conditioners at frequent intervals in today's fast-paced environment. Premium CMI models, in addition to having excellent air filtration technology, also have iCleanser technology, which cleans itself. When the indoor unit is turned on, it runs in cooling mode with a lower fan speed, allowing the condensed water to clean the evaporator fins. Then it goes into a fan-only mode to remove the damp air and clean the indoor unit. Additionally, there is a cleaning and replacement warning that informs the consumer that manual filter cleaning is needed if the amount of dust gathered reaches the iCleanser's cleaning range.

Carrier Air Conditioners: Pros and Cons

Carrier invented the air conditioner and is known for its lightning-quick cooling. Carrier air conditioners have a decent design—both aesthetically and operationally—due to their 100+ years of service in the air conditioning industry. Another significant benefit of Carrier air conditioners is their gentle service. A copper condenser is standard on all new Carrier air conditioners. With Carrier AC, the backlit remote control is just another plus. Since it is a well-known brand, replacement parts are readily available, making repairing and maintenance simple.

When it comes to drawbacks, Carrier's Follow Me feature should be improved. It's a little slow. Another disadvantage will be the outside unit's noise levels. Though the indoor unit (main AC unit) makes relatively little noise, the outdoor unit makes a surprising amount of noise, and standing near it causes noisy vibrations.

Best Carrier AC List in Surat Dealers

Carrier 24K Dura Fresh 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

This is Carrier's best 2-ton air conditioner. It is appropriate for rooms ranging in size from 150 to 200 square feet.

And when the temperature is 55 degrees, the AC is measured to have a high level of atmospheric cooling. In our tests, we discovered that in addition to cooling effectively, it also helps to reduce elevated humidity levels from the air. It also has effective PM2.5 filters that strip all air pollution or particulates from the air, ensuring that you can have fresh, cool air.

Finally, it has a variety of awesome features such as sleep mode, detectors, time, auto-swing, and various temperature settings. Overall, a must-have for big rooms in the summer.


• 2 Ton
• Fit to 150-250 sq ft
• 3 star (energy efficient)
• High ambient cooling
• PM 2.5 filters
• 100% copper condenser
• Auto-swing mode
• Sleep mode
• Leakage detectors
• A one-year product warranty, a one-year condenser warranty, and a five-year compressor warranty are included.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

If you want an inverter air conditioner, this might be the best one. This carrier AC 2 tons is designed for areas in India that experience frequent load shedding or power outages.

The air conditioner is ideal for rooms ranging in size from 110 to 190 square feet. The thing we like most about it is how energy efficient it is. This uses only 1450 watts of power, which is far less than its rivals. You should be assured that this air conditioner would greatly reduce your utility bill.

Another fantastic aspect is the absence of stabilizers. As a result, even if you live in a low-voltage region, it will work properly. Finally, it has all of the usual features, such as auto-swing, sleep, timer, leakage detector, and sensor, etc.


• 2 Ton
• 5 star(energy efficient)
• Fit to 110-190 sq ft
• Inverter Split AC
• 100% copper wires
• Follow Me Sensor for auto temperature detection
• Stabilizer-free operation
• High Ambient Working
• PM 2.5 filter
• Sleep mode
• SA one-year product warranty and a ten-year compressor warranty are included.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2020 Model, CAS18EK3R30F0 ESKO NEO SPLIT AC White)

Another common air conditioner in India is the Carrier 1.5 Ton. This Carrier AC analysis has been found everywhere in our study, so you can see how common it is.

Carrier cyclojet operates to provide you with the best cooling capability possible, regardless of the temperature or humidity level. In our tests, we discovered that it is 20% more efficient than the competition. This air conditioner is suitable for rooms ranging in size from 120 to 200 square feet. It is also energy-rich, as we discovered during our trials. We discovered that as the temperature rises, the amount of energy used does not rise with it.

It also has all of the expected features, such as sleep mode, auto-swing mode, top-class condensers, and so on.


• 1.5 Ton
• 3 star
• Fit to 120-200 sq ft
• Cyclojet technology for more efficient cooling
• Turbo, sleep mode
• Follow Me Sensor
• PM 2.5M
• 100% copper wires
• The product has a one-year warranty and the compressor has a five-year warranty.

Carrier 18K Estrella Premium Window AC

If you're looking for a window air conditioner, this is a decent one. They have included it in our list because of its affordable price and high productivity.

The Carrier AC 18K Estrella is a luxury window air conditioner. The air conditioner is suitable for rooms ranging in size from 100 to 200 square feet. Its energy conservation is something we adored. It has a 5-star bee ranking, which means it will save you money on your power bill day and night.

This air conditioner also has a 4-in-1 filter that includes a dust filter, electrostatic filter, carbon filter, and zeolite. Many of these filters are capable of removing particulate matter and other toxic microorganisms from the air in a matter of minutes. Turbo, sleep, dry, fan, swing, and auto modes are among the other settings.


• 1.5 Ton
• 5 star rating(super energy efficient)
• Fit to any 100-200 sq ft
• 4-in-1 filters
• Dry mode, sleep mode, timer, turbo
• A one-year product warranty and a five-year compressor warranty are included.

Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star Copper 12K Durafresh Inverter Split AC

This may be a reasonable idea if your tiny space needs air conditioning. This one is great for a kid's room or a hotel room.

Carrier 1-ton air conditioner suits any small space with a floor area of 0-120 square feet. This air conditioner is known for providing fresh air and adequate ventilation at all times. It has a three-star bee ranking, indicating that it is also energy efficient.

Furthermore, the AC is constructed of premium copper wire, which is both durable and cool. It also has features such as a leakage detector, stabilizer-free running, auto-restart, turbo, and sleep mode, among others.


• 1 Ton
• 3 star
• Fit to 0-120 sq ft
• Inverter split AC
• Stabilizer-free operation
• 100% copper wires
• Turbo mode, sleep mode, auto-swing, restart, refrigerant leakage detector
• A one-year product warranty and a five-year compressor warranty are included.

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