Hitachi is a well-known air conditioning brand. Hitachi, as a Japanese company, manufactures high-quality air conditioners with upgraded technologies and advanced features. Hitachi is one of the Fortune 500 corporations. If LG and Voltas are competing for the first spot in India's air conditioning market, Japanese behemoths Hitachi and Daikin are holding a close watch on them.

The Hitachi AC's main focus is versatility, progress, and a drive for saving energy in big appliances. They have a wide variety of air conditioners, from residential to commercial, break to walls and inverter to fixed rpm. They still have a strong network of R&D laboratories, industrial plants, convenience shops, and service stations. They currently have over 600 service centers in India, which is enough to inspire trust in Hitachi.

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational corporation with diverse investments in electronics, home products, building equipment, and financial services, to name a few. Broken air conditioners and window air conditioners are among the Hitachi home appliances. This Hitachi break air conditioner price list includes 90 Hitachi window air conditioners marked at the best price from sellers in India's major cities. Rates are revised on a daily basis, with the most recent upgrade to Hitachi split AC prices happening on April 7, 2021. Split air conditioners from Hitachi have two units, one inside the house and one outside. These air conditioners need some repair work to service, but once installed, they provide several benefits over other forms of air conditioners. Split air conditioners cool the room softly and can only be controlled by phone. Users have the option of changing the temperature, fan speed, and swing settings from the convenience of their own home. Split air conditioners come in various tonnages, such as 1.6 tons, 1.4 tons, 2 tons, 1 ton, and 1.5 tons. A Hitachi split air conditioner with a higher capacity or tonnage can cool a room faster than one with a lower capacity or tonnage. These can also be seen in wider spaces with more seating. Split air conditioners have now become more affordable as a result of advances in HVAC technology. This Hitachi split AC price list prominently shows the information on costs, functions, capacities, and star ratings that signify energy quality.

Best Hitachi AC List in Surat Dealers

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC Copper Inverter

The Hitachi Kashikoi is a 1.5-ton inverter split air conditioner. It works best in a space with a radius of 120-200 square feet. It features wide-angle deflectors and a wave blade design that allows air to circulate freely in all corners of the building, offering uniform cooling even at temperatures as high as 55 degrees. It also has soft dry technology, which removes any odors from the space.

You will use this air conditioner without a stabilizer. If there is an issue with voltage fluctuation, the AC works well. The AC operates well with voltages ranging from 130 to 220 volts. If the voltage in your region is outside of this limit, you can need a stabilizer.

Dust filters, sleep mode, tropical inverter technology, 100 percent copper cables, and eco-friendly refrigerant are among the other functions.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper)

This is just another excellent offering from them that satisfies all of the criteria.

Hitachi is a 1.5 tonnes air conditioner that can be used in rooms ranging in scale from 110 to 190 square feet. This air conditioner is also in the expandable inverter AC category. Merai's wave blade architecture and high angle deflectors are designed to cool 60 percent faster.

In addition, the tropical compressor does an outstanding job of extracting heat and humidity from the room. The filter clean detector, which tells you when to clean the filters, is one of the standout features. As a result, repair becomes a painless operation.

Soft dry technology to eliminate odors, auto-fan speed, timer, backlight removal, and other features are included.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC Copper - SUGOI 3100f

Hitachi's newest model is one of the most common. Because of its competitive price and standard cooling capacity, it is in high demand.

The Hitachi Sugoi is a 1.5 tons three-star split air conditioner. Its inner grooved copper tube is anncredible feature. These tubes help to ensure that the refrigeration flow is fast and efficient. At all i times, the increased surface area provides a higher heat exchange rate and greater efficiency. It operates in ultra-quiet mode at all times. Another useful aspect is that while the compressor is turned off, the fan speed is low, while it is turned on, the fan speed is high. This makes it simple to operate.

Cold mode, soft mode, backlight removal, filter clean indicator, and a few other features are included.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC - RAW318KUD Kaze Plus

If you're looking for a Hitachi window air conditioner for a medium to large space, this might be a good pick.

The Hitachi Kaze plus 1.5 tons is suitable for rooms ranging in size from 121 to 179 square feet. The air conditioner has a world-class copper condenser for effective cooling and longer unit life. The auto-climate system in this air conditioner is a nice feature because it senses heat and humidity and then directs the fan and compressor to operate accordingly. Until reaching this level, the AC must pass 43 quality checks. As a consequence, you can be assured that you will get a high-quality product.

On/off timer, auto-restart, auto-filter clean indicator, efficient mode, auto-fan speed, and other features of Kaze plus are included.

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC - RAW511KUD Kaze Plus

This is a decent solution if you need a small window air conditioner.

Hitachi's 1 tonne Kaze plus window air conditioner is designed especially for small rooms measuring 0-120 square feet. The energy efficiency ranking is the greatest aspect of this. At this price, you won't get a 5-star quality air conditioner, but Hitachi does. It's made with top-of-the-line copper condenser wires for long life and efficient cooling. It also has Kaimin and auto-climate technology, which helps the AC to change the temperature by one degree per hour to retain the optimal level of comfort. This way, your room will never be too cold or too hot, and you will be able to relax and enjoy it.

Finally, it includes a kicking filter, dust filter, auto filter clean indicator, auto-fan speed, on/off timer, dry mode, and power-saving mode, among other features.

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